The KLE Society’s Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] began in the year 2011 under the guidance of legacy of KLE Society. The course open doors for a whole new opportunity for the youth who dreamed of becoming an important part of the managing team in a firm or corporations; it gives a professional touch and grooming for the youth and prepares them to take off to new zeniths. This course is the most sought professional course among the youth and in KLE Society BBA College. It is guided and groomed by Mrs. Divya Kotyan, MBA, PGDHR, PGD international finance, [PHD] , the Principal BBA.


To be a role model in modern management education by providing quality training, counselling and research to groom multifaceted talent and develop cutting edge competitive attitude to face the competitive business world.


To develop outstanding business graduates with human values, who can contribute to shape the future of economy and make outstanding contribution to society at large.

Online Classes

Join Online Classes held by KLE BBA Dharwad using Google Classroom.

Student Testimonials
I would say this college has everything, Talented, Friendly & Supportive Faculty. Great place to learn a lot of things. There are many ways to showcase your talents like Events, Fests etc. Proper coaching is given to students for interviews and placements. Programms have been arranged like Induction Programme, Digital Marketing and Economic Budgets Programme etc. There have been multiple industry visits as well to gain a lot of knowledge about the business working in the outside world. Faculty use number of ways to make the class interesting and fun like using PPT's, Video based class etc. There are multiple companies who come for placement purposes. Number of students have made their life better from this College. Thank You...

-- Jerome J.

Hello Everyone, I am Disha Pai, I am Studying in 2nd semester of BBA. I have completed a year in this college and it was a joyful, informative, Supportive,Motivating and Friendly experience and looking forward to have many more in coming years. I am extremely happy to have faculties who Are always available to guide and teaches us with their experiences in this phase of my academic journey. This College Has it's Own Way Of Updating Students Of Their Incredible Growth.

-- Disha Pai

To reach a destination 3 things are required
1) we should know the destination itself i.e. where we want to reach.
2) We should know the path to take in order to reach our destination
3) Our will and some external support to help us reach the destination.
My college has helped me understand my destination and what I want to achieve . I am enjoying my journey towards my goal which is aided by every faculty of our college who is an expert in their field and always support and motivate us to excel in our endeavours. Joining KLE BBA College, Dharwad has been the best decision of my life and I am enjoying my journey to the fullest.

-- Adarsh Grampurohith

Kle bba collage is very good for business & management studies, Placements are good, campus provides everything a student needs. The cultural activities in the college are extremely good. Faculty is experienced.

-- Bharat Shetty

Fantastic college for BBA ..with best facilities and faculty..and amazing environment for education.

-- Shweta B S